Amelia and Chloe stood in polytunnel

Amelia & Chloe

Together we started the Real Food Garden in 2016. Driven by our passion for the environment, sustainable food production and to find a better way for humans to exist on the planet. Our Head Grower Amelia had been involved in horticulture for over 10 years having trained with the RHS and the Eden Project. Chloe has a background in sustainable technology and with a head for numbers and an eye for detail, she undertakes most of our back office work but luckily she enjoys weeding too! We are passionate about soil and biodiversity and are always innovating & improving the garden for soil health and wildlife.

Nourishing Place

For us growing good food isn’t just about great tasting veg. It’s also about enhancing the place where we farm and looking after our environment. We prioritise soil care, practice organic principles and work to improve biodiversity. Not only does this make our veg more nutrient dense, but it makes our patch of the world buzzing with life and our soils resilient for generations to come. By tending our soil, allowing our field margins to grow, planting trees, maintaining our woodland and choosing a 100% renewable energy supply we are sequestering carbon and helping the fight against climate change too!

Close up of Sunflower with market garden in background
Visitors to the garden stood listening to Amelia talking

Nourishing People

At The Real Food Garden food is nourishing in many different ways. It is delicious and full of nutrients, it provides rural livelihoods, supports community and connects people to the land. Through our onsite farm shop and our veg box scheme we connect people directly with food production. We are answerable to our customers, priding ourselves on delivering top quality produce. In return our customers are supporting truly sustainable food production and are part of the regenerative food movement. Throughout the year we open our gates for events and visits so you can get behind the scenes and meet your growers.  See our events page to find out more.

We are a small team on the farm but we love working with others to make an even bigger impact.
We'd would like to introduce you to some folk who we think are fantastic: