The view from above

Summer is now in full swing and between the weeding, watering and harvesting it can be difficult to step back and see the bigger picture.  These aerial photographs taken recently, […]

Cornish tomatoes

For nearly five months now we’ve been nurturing our tomatoes to get to this point; a kaleidoscope crop of cancer fighting, sweet, succulent fruits that can be used in almost […]

A Love of Legumes

There is a reason our logo is a pea pod. We love legumes. And for good reason. ‘Legumes’ is the collective name for peas, beans and other plants with pea-like […]

Who’s your favourite beetle?

We’ve all got a favourite Beatle, but what about a favourite beetle? The garden is currently teaming with life, including some beetles we love and others not so much. Not […]

Compost Tea Anyone?

It all started with a nettle sting. We’ve been busy fertilising our soil but not in the way most food is grown. To grow sustainably, organically and pragmatically we are […]

To Dig or Not to Dig

All winter we’ve been hard at work creating more than 60 raised beds, and they aren’t finished yet! When we bought the patch of ground that is now the Real […]

Planting in mid-winter!

It’s cold and wet but we are still planting at the Real Food Garden. January and February are a great time for taking stock in the market garden, for repairing […]