Pickled Leeks Anyone?

This is pretty new to us but we tried it at the Courtyard Deli and Kitchen in Falmouth and loved it. So we looked up some recipes, adjusted them and […]

Lovely Leeks

It’s the leek’s time to shine! Well actually they have quite a lot of time in the spotlight. They are a very valuable veg in these climes, when little else […]

Quick Chilli con Verduras

Of course, we would have a vegetable chilli recipe! Feel free to make this chilli with meat or veggie mince. We like to make it with extra veggies and mushrooms […]

Beetroot quiche anyone?

Because we love food that looks as good as it tastes we’ve grown the Chioggia and golden beetroot alongside the more familiar red beetroot. We think the golden is sweeter, […]

The Coming of Age for Courgettes

Courgettes really are a modern vegetable. Like most other veg now favoured in western diets they originate from Central/South America. Courgettes were bred and enjoyed for thousands of years by […]

Unleash the chard!

It’s about time we let you in on some secrets. Chard secrets. This veg has been rocking our world for quite some time and it is so versatile. So we […]

Kimchi comes to Kernow

Kimchi, or kimchee, is a kind of preserve originating from what is now known as Korea in the 7th century. And it’s taken a fair while to arrive here in […]

Beetroot burgers

So you’ve probably grated them, roasted them, perhaps pickled them but have you made burgers from your beetroot? When we discovered this recipe we made it in big batches and […]

A Love of Legumes

There is a reason our logo is a pea pod. We love legumes. And for good reason. ‘Legumes’ is the collective name for peas, beans and other plants with pea-like […]

Rediscover Radish

It’s the time of year that us growers get excited about radish. They are a beautiful, fresh crop at time when last season’s veg is running low and this season’s […]