Our produce is selected, planted and picked for its flavour and freshness.  Alongside our veg boxes, you can pop into the farm and pick up our fresh seasonal vegetables from our on site farm shop. Or find us at local farmers markets. We're at Bodmin Nursery every third Saturday and St Colomb Major each second Saturday.

We also supply restaurants, caterers and shops. As small scale, local producers we hand pick and deliver within a matter of hours, meaning our produce is still wonderfully fresh when it gets to you. We are proud to grow with the seasons and our careful crop planning means there is always some tasty throughout the year. So whilst the summer is packed full of beef tomatoes, French beans and crisp lettuce, there is also sumptuous squash, fresh kale and exotic leaves to look forward to in winter. To find out what’s in season just get in touch.

Farm shop

Our Veg Shed is open Monday to Saturday 10:00-6:30 selling our fresh produce, including a whole range of seasonal veggies, salad and our free-range duck and chicken eggs, salad . So if you want some ingredients for dinner or need something to impress guests you can now pick up a whole host of seasonal, fresh chemical-free veggies grown right here in the garden! Just don't forget your pennies as its cash only.

Restaurants and shops

We supply restaurants and shops in Wadebridge, Bodmin, Lostwithiel and the surrounding areas with fresh, local produce which is full of flavour. Products include high-quality salads, hand-picked herbs, heritage varieties and fresh greens. If you would like to order, or if we can grow something specifically for you please contact us on 07725 857637 or email

Events and Catering

If you’d like the food at your event to have that special edge then contact us to arrange a special picking and delivery of fresh vegetables and salad. We can supply deluxe salads with flowers and herbs as well as heritage and heirloom varieties of veg that bring colour and flavour to any banquet! We can pick and deliver in hours so you won’t find fresher ingredients. Get in touch on 07725 857637 or