Traineeship Opportunity

About us The Real Food Garden is an established market garden with a veg box scheme and farm shop. We grow a full range of vegetables over a long season […]

Plans and Planning

In October 2016 we were creating our first veggie beds and embarking on putting up our first polytunnel. Since then we’ve supplied hundreds of veg boxes to local people, attended community events, […]

Not Beetlejuice…Beetroot Juice!

Vegetable smoothies and juices are definitely on trend. Whilst offering a great way of getting your five-a-day we definitely advocate enjoying a glass of beetroot juice as part of a […]

Let them eat (veg) cake!

It’ll come as no surprise that we are big veg eaters here at the Real Food Garden, but sometimes we all need a sweet pick me up. After experimenting with […]

Rewilding Agriculture

Recently we visited a good friend at Woodland Valley Farm near Laddock. Chris Jones farms in an inspiring way. He expects a lot from himself as farmer and guardian of […]

10 Reasons we Love Being Organic

Yesterday I saw a baby grass snake on our compost pile. I beamed with joy and awe at this amazing creature and the first thing I thought was “yet another […]

Glorious garlic

Known for its health benefits and flavour alike, garlic is perhaps our favourite of the allium family, which includes leeks, onions, and shallots. Whilst it is a relatively new addition […]

An Ode to the Chenopods

Early summer is the turn for the Chenopods or Amaranthaceae. Exotic sounding and indeed they can be exotic. The plant family of chenopods includes plants such as quinoa from the […]