Budding gardeners love Real Food!

By some miracle the clouds parted and the sun shone last Sunday as twenty budding vegetable growers gathered in the garden to learn about no-dig vegetable growing at the Real Food Garden. The visitors had a jam packed morning of learning about organic and no-dig ways of growing with our very own Head Grower Amelia Lake.

As avid readers of our blog and visitors to the garden will know, no-dig is a way of growing which cuts out any need for the arduous task of digging and double digging. We are one of just a handful of companies nationally which practices this form of horticulture and the visitors were very keen to learn how to make their own no-dig garden at home.

The morning took visitors on a whistle stop tour of creating your own veg garden and covered organic principles, vegetable families, rotation, seed sowing as well as the much demanded ways of growing without digging. “It was inspiring to see their passion” said one visitor “I’m excited about putting some of it into practice at home”.

Amelia was more than happy to let the crowd in on all her trade secrets and support them in creating an organic oasis in their own gardens. It was great to share are practices and principles and, with many of the visitors heading straight home to get to work in their own gardens, we are pretty sure no-dig gardens will be popping up all over Cornwall!

The workshop was the first of three opportunities this year for aspiring gardeners to learn how to grow their own nutritious vegetables the natural and ecological way. To book onto the next workshop on 24th June get in quick email amelia@realfoodgarden.co.uk.

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